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In business, where every minute counts and the strength and speed of your network is what separates you from your competition, WAVE.BAND is changing the game!


BUSINESS INTERNET SERVICES: Our strength is our own dedicated, privately managed fiber optic Internet and phone services with bandwidth levels from 10M - 1000M (1G) - We own and operate world-class data centers in San Diego and the heart of Downtown Los Angeles and deliver dependable bandwidth at an affordable price. We backup our services with industry standard, SLA's  guaranteed up-time, and superhuman customer service.


BUSINESS VOICE SERVICES: ​Whether you want to free yourself from the limitations and high costs of conventional PBX systems with a Voice over IP Solution (VoIP), you just need a few Plain Old Telephone lines (POT's) for a fax or credit card machine or you're seeking a more robust Primary Rate Interface (PRI) or Session Initiated Protocol (SIP), the WAVE.BAND team has the answer.


MANAGED IT SERVICES: We live in a technology based world, so we understand just how frustrating it can be when your employees or customers are derailed by technical issues. The WAVE.BAND support team will do everything possible to accommodate your business' individual needs. We can even provide helpdesk support technicians if necessary.

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